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TEA of Life Podcast (Transforming Every Area of Life) is a podcast designed to help encourage you to live the life you love. We were not meant to live a life of anguish or misery. I believe that God desires for us to live our life in full: full of love, hope, grace, intention, laughter, and freedom - freedom like you've never known or experienced before. Subscribe now, and start a journey with me to discover your best life - the life you love to live.

Nov 30, 2018

Reclaiming joy during the holidays can be tough; especially if you have a hard time enjoying those around you.

News Flash! The holidays are upon us! Just in case you didn't know. For some, these holidays bring joy and happiness, but for others, and maybe you, the holidays bring nothing but pain and misery; however, you have the ability to take back your joy during this holiday season!

I want you to know today that these holidays do not have to be dreaded. They can actually bring you joy and happiness if you preemptively set some healthy boundaries by taking control of your schedule, money, emotions, and the time you dedicate spending with those who tend to suck the joy and life right out of you. You are in control of you; no one else! YOU have the ability to choose how you come out of this holiday season. YOU can choose to be refreshed instead of exhausted, excited instead of depressed, and joyful instead of miserable.

I believe this is Jesus' wish for us - to have a joyful celebration of His birth; for us to choose to love the life we are living or choose to change it. My wish for you during this holiday season is for you to love this year like no other, set the pace for years to come, and for you to find excitement in reclaiming your joy during the holidays!