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Oct 18, 2018

Whether we are parents of newborns or teenagers, we can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by parenting; however, most of the time, those feelings may not be coming from the kids; they may actually be from outside influence. When my kids were smaller, I sometimes felt that if others just left me alone, I could actually be somewhat successful at being a parent.

Something else that we may feel as parents is that this current season with our infant is our forever. It isn't! In fact, it changes faster than I can type out these show notes. Yesterday, my son was 6. Today he is 16! At least, that's how it feels.

Today, I invite Carolyn Penner, our interviewee from episode #23 and a mom to 3 boys of her own, to discuss some of the difficulties of parenthood. Along the way, she asks me a question that leads to an answer that every parent should hear.

We end our talk with a list of shows that we binge-watch with our kids now that they have become older. This has become our new bonding-time with them. We have loved inserting ourselves into our kid's world and falling in love with all the shows that they love as well - some new, some old, and some old with a new twist. It's all very interesting and entertaining if you relax a little and allow it to be. 


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