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Sep 5, 2018

Taking the time to make sure that we allow our kids the opportunity to grow into great leaders could be more important than ever before. I am really not sure that there has ever been a time where it has seemed to be more imperative to focus on a new generation of upcoming leaders.

I am passionate about a lot of things, and another thing would be quality leadership. As far as my kids are concerned, quality leadership at the foremost of my mind most of the time. I feel that every decision that I make, in both my professional and personal life, boils down to what kind of leader I want to be, what kind of leader I want my kids to see me being, and what kind of leader I want them to be.

The more I read, study, listen and learn about how to grow myself as a quality leader, I realize that I also have a big responsibility as a leader (and a parent) to teach my children to become great leaders. We hear about natural-born leaders, but I feel that no leader is naturally-born. Some may acquire more training in this field than others because to some it may come more “naturally,” but having the qualities to be a great leader and actually being a great leader is not the same. Just because someone has the qualities of being a great leader, doesn’t mean that they are actually a great leader. A lot of learning, training, and discipline are still required for them to become a great leader.

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