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TEA of Life Podcast (Transforming Every Area of Life) is a podcast designed to help encourage you to live the life you love. We were not meant to live a life of anguish or misery. I believe that God desires for us to live our life in full: full of love, hope, grace, intention, laughter, and freedom - freedom like you've never known or experienced before. Subscribe now, and start a journey with me to discover your best life - the life you love to live.

Mar 7, 2017

Welcome to our very first podcast EVER! We are so excited that you have decided to join us. This week, we talk a little about what to expect in our podcast episodes and a little about being brave. Please be patient as this is our very first podcast recording ever, and we are at the start of working everything out. As we continue in our podcasting adventure, things seem to start coming together and sounding a little better. We hope that you enjoy this first pilot episode of the Tea of Life Podcast.